3 Simple Website Updates
You Can Make Today

How to Revitalize Your Site for the Fall

By Matt Morrison

The nature of our job at Church OS means that we look at a lot of church websites. This gives us a unique perspective on what churches struggle with when it comes to maintaining an effective website. As you ramp things up for the fall, we wanted to help you out with a few key changes you can make to your site to help refresh it and once again make it an effective tool to draw people into your community.

1Review every page on your site for
out-of-date content.

It’s quite astonishing how many church websites are still inviting people to their Easter service that took place 5 months ago. Content that is so obviously stale is a non-starter for any visitor to a website and will communicate that your church is behind the times.

Reviewing your content doesn’t need to take any more then 10 minutes. Simply click through each page and make sure that all the content is still correct. Here’s what you want to look for:

The key in this step is to delete the old content. If you have time, yes you can add new content, but it is far more important that you simply delete the info that is no longer correct.

2Pretend you are a newcomer to your church and see if the information is easy to find.

With this step you want to imagine that you’re a first-time visitor and think about the questions you would have when you arrive on your website. For example:

With these in mind, test how easy it would be to find the answers to the questions. Better yet, ask a friend to pull up the website and see what it takes for them to answer those questions. If they can answer them quickly, you’re in good shape. If they can’t, it’s time to bring those answers to the forefront of your website.

3Clear the clutter. Simplify your content.

Churches can sometimes believe that the more content you have the better. This leads to websites that feel overwhelming and frustrating to visitors. This third step is likely the one that most churches would benefit from. Take 20 minutes to walk through your website and delete any content that isn’t essential to your website visitor. Here are the steps to take:

A helpful example would be to compare Yahoo to Google. Technically, both websites are trying to accomplish the same goal, but Yahoo has decided to fill their page with content instead of keeping things simple. I find this example to be effective, because which search engine do we all use?

And finally, here’s a comparison of 2 church websites using the same principle. Which website would you rather land on?

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